The Clubhouse


The Clubhouse was built shortly after CGC moved to its present site in 1938. It is extremely attractive having been designed by Alderman Shennan (who was also responsible for the Royal Birkdale Clubhouse).

Clubhouse Opening Times

British Summer Time Opening

   Bar and Food
Available from
 Food Service
 Bar Service Closes
Clubhouse Locked
 Monday  10.30 am  5.30 pm  10.00 pm
 Tuesday  10.30 am  10.00 pm
 Wednesday  9.30 am  8.00 pm  10.00 pm
 Thursday  9.30 am  5.30 pm  10.00 pm
 Friday  9.30 am  5.30 pm  10.00 pm
 Saturday  8.00 am  8.00 pm  10.00 pm
 Sunday  10.30 am  5.00 pm  8.00 pm

WinterTime Opening

  Bar and Food
Available from
Food Service
Bar Service Closes
Clubhouse Locked
Monday 10.30 am 4.00 pm 10.00 pm
Tuesday 10.30 am 6.00 pm
Wednesday 10.00 am 4.00 pm 6.00 pm
Thursday 10.00 am 4.00 pm 6.00 pm
Friday 10.00 am 4.00 pm 6.00 pm
Saturday 8.30 am 5.00 pm 8.00 pm
Sunday 10.00 am 4.00 pm 6.00 pm

Closing times may alter at short notice due to inclement weather.

Clubhouse must be vacated no longer than 30 minutes after the last orders as above.

The bar/s will stay open longer if there is a function/s in the clubhouse.

Clubhouse Dress Code

As with most other Golf Clubs, CGC enjoys a fairly relaxed dress code with an emphasis on "casual but smart" attire most of the time, with exceptions on certain occasions. The appropriate Bye Laws read More.....

Clubhouse Pictures
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